If you would like to work with a team of enthusiastic and passionate barbers whilst constantly developing your skill set, apply below and take your next step to becoming one of Shrewsbury's best barbers! 

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This is an employed position which offers a set and secure salary, holiday pay, a workplace pension and much more benefits that you can simply not achieve in a self employed position.

Job Types: Full-time, Employed, Permanent

Salary: £18,720.00-£24,000.00 per year starting salary

We believe at Legion Barbers that you are not just a barber and there are a multitude of positions and options available within the industry if your looking to add another string to your bow! However if you simply love cutting hair and that's all you desire to do that's great too!

What we can offer:


As a barber or stylist if your passion is to learn and to educate yourself to be the best you can be, we can offer you training internally and externally to reach your maximum technical ability!


If you have a passion to teach, there will be opportunity for you to train new staff members and to help run regular training within the shop.


If you have the ambition and posses leadership qualities you may wish to step away from the chair from time to time to help manage staff and grow the business, increase your earnings and maybe own a shop of your own down the line. Our vision at Legion Barbers is to open multiple branches and we are looking to do this with ambitious and like minded barbers who adopt our culture and want to grow in this industry.

What we require from you:


We are looking for someone who is open to change and open to learn with a positive mindset. Attitude is the most important requirement, you can be a great barber but if you don't have the right attitude you will never succeed!


To be a part of our team you NEED to have passion!

A passion for the industry your in and not to treat it as JUST a job!

A passion for hair, to be the best you can be as a stylist or barber!

A passion to work together as a team and to help each other to grow!

A passion for the clients you serve and to show them that you care by offering the highest level of customer service to every single person that walks through the door!


We will of course offer and facilitate further education for any applicants but for this position we are looking for someone with at least 1 year of shop floor experience.

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