Hair Replacement Systems

Having a hair system can create a huge boost in confidence and give you the potential to get your old hair back or to give you the hair you always wanted! The system we use has a poly membrane that looks and feels like skin. The hair on the system comes with around 6-7 inches of length and can be cut and styled in to any look you want.

During your consultation we match the colour of your existing hair to the new system and carry out an adhesive allergy test. On the day of your service we shave and prep the top of your head and cut the system membrane to the size and shape of your head. We then apply the adhesive and fit the system in place, after the system is secure we can then have fun cutting and styling your new hair in your chosen style. 

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Hair systems



What's the price of a hair system?

A new system with initial fitting and haircut is £750.

A refitting service is £80 including a haircut.

How long do hair systems last before getting a new one? ..

We predominantly use two types of hair systems.

A super thin skin base which is more natural looking, if maintained correctly will last for around 3 months. This system offers the most natural appreance but is less durable due to its thinner base.

The other system we mainly use has a slightly thicker and more durable base that will last up to 6 months whilst still looking natural in appearance. This is the most popular option for people with more active lifestyle. 

How long does the hair system stay on your head at one time?
Our systems need to be refitted every 3-4 weeks however if you are highly active or have a physical job every 2-2.5 weeks. 

Can you play sports with a hair system?

For contact sports it is advised that you wear a head guard for sports as such as rugby or boxing to protect the hair system. If your a regular a swimmer then a swimming cap is recommend to protect your system otherwise we advise that you rinse your hair off with clean water after swimming in the pool or in the sea in order to protect the colour.

Can you wash your hair system in the shower?

Over washing will lead to drying out the system and fading the colour.
We recommend not to use shampoo but to only use the provided conditioner 2-3 times max per week. We will provide the correct products for you to use and it's important that you only use these products as other products may damage the hair system.

What hair products can I use on my hair system?

With hair systems you should only use water soluble styling products. This means the products can be removed easily with just warm water. We will supply a suitable styling product from the Legion Styling Products range included in the price of your hair system, other products may damage the system so its important you only use the recommended styling products.
To keep the hair soft we recommend a leave in conditioner or argan oil. The leave in conditioner is a lighter product and can be used every 1-2 days and the argan oil once per week.

What hair styles can I have with my hair system?
ANY! Each system comes with 6-7” of hair length, so have fun and try out any styles you like.